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You find that your skin condition gets worseyou develop a generalised rash or your skin becomes swollen during treatmentYou may be allergic to Betnovatehave an infection or need other treatmentyou have psoriasis and get raised bumps with pus under the skinThis can happen very rarely during or after treatment and is known as pustular psoriasis.

Howeverthe above methods don’t have the best success long-termThat’s why many doctors look to surgery as the answerCircumcision is the most common treatment for phimosisas it removes the foreskin and immediately resolves the issueHoweversome men will opt for a partial circumcisionwhich means that the surgeon makes a series of tiny incisions in the foreskin to help it open upbut doesn’t remove it entirely.

Betnovate cream contains chlorocresol which may cause allergic reactions and cetostearyl alcohol which may cause local skin reactionse.gcontact dermatitis

Keep in mind that surgery is often not recommended when a man is youngas everyone develops differently and phimosis might go away on its own as he maturesHoweverthose over the age of 18 might be a candidate for circumcision if this penis problem continues and causes significant discomfort or an inability to enjoy sexual pleasure.

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