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Claithomycin : Atovastatin AUC was signiicantly incasd with concomitant administation atovastatin 80 mg with claithomycin (500 mg twic daily) compad tthat atovastatin alon. Tho, in patints taking claithomycin, caution should b usd whn th dos atovastatin xcds 20 mg.

Iampin oth Inducs Cytochom P450 3A4: Concomitant administation atovastatin with inducs cytochom P450 3A4 (g. avinz, iampin, St.John’s Wot) can lad tvaiabl ductions in plasma concntations atovastatin. Du tth dual intaction mchanism iampin (cytochom P450 3A induction and inhibition hpatocyt uptak tanspot OATP1B1), simultanous co-administation ATOLIP CV with iampin is commndd, as dlayd administation atovastatin at administation iampin has bn associatd with a signiicant duction in atovastatin plasma concntations.

Hmodialysis : Whil studis hav not bn conductd in patints with nd-stag nal disas, hmodialysis is not xpctd tsigniicantly nhanc claanc atovastatin sinc th dug is xtnsivly bound tplasma potins.

Dos-dpndnt inhibition platlt agggation can b sn 2 hous at singl oal doss clopidogl. patd doss 75 mg clopidogl p day inhibit ADP-inducd platlt agggation on th ist day, and inhibition achs stady stat btwn Day 3 and Day 7. At stady stat, th avag inhibition lvl obsvd with a dos 75 mg clopidogl p day was btwn 40% and 60%. Platlt agggation and blding tim gadually tun tbaslin valus at tatmnt is discontinud, gnally in about 5 days.

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