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Mupiocin administd subcutanously tats in a p-and postnatal dvlopmnt study (dosd duing lat gstation though lactation) was associatd with ducd osping viability in th aly postnatal piod at a dos 106.7 mg p kg, in th psnc injction sit iitation and/subcutanous hmohaging. This dos is 14 tims th human topical dos basd on calculations dos dividd by th nti body suac aa. Th no-obsvd advs ct lvl in this study was 44.2 mg p kg p day, which is 6 tims th human topical dos.

Animal Data : Dvlopmntal toxicity studis hav bn pomd with mupiocin administd subcutanously tats and abbits at doss up t160 mg p kg p day duing oganognsis. This dos is 22 and 43 tims, spctivly, th human topical dos (appoximatly 60 mg mupiocin p day) basd on calculations dos dividd by th nti body suac aa. Matnal toxicity was obsvd (body wight loss/dcasd body wight gain and ducd ding) in both spcis with nvidnc dvlopmntal toxicity in ats. In abbits, xcssiv matnal toxicity at th high dos pcludd th valuation tal outcoms. Th was ndvlopmntal toxicity in abbits at 40 mg p kg p day, 11 tims th human topical dos basd on calculations dos dividd by th nti body suac aa.

You a allgic tmupiocin any th ingdints in BACTOBAN ointmnt. S th nd this Patint Inomation lalt a complt list th ingdints in BACTOBAN ointmnt.

This is not a complt list possibl sid cts. I you notic oth cts not listd abov, contact you doctphamacist.

Bcaus clinical tials a conductd und widly vaying conditions, advs action ats obsvd in th clinical tials a dug cannot b dictly compad with ats in th clinical tials anoth dug and may not lct th ats obsvd in pactic.

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