A prescription medicine often used against the agitations of gout is probenecid, sometimes referred to as benemid or probalan.

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Each Benadryl children’s product has a different recommended dosageso always follow the instructions on the package labelSee Benadryl’s dosage guidelines for information on the recommended dosages for different ages.

In patients with parkinsonism who are unable to tolerate more potent agentsuse at lowest effective dose.

To prevent motion sicknesstake your dose 30 minutes before starting activity such as travelTo help you sleeptake your dose about 30 minutes before bedtimeIf you continue to have difficulty sleeping for longer than 2 weekscontact your doctor.

If pregnant or breast-feedingask a health professional before useKeep out of reach of children

There’s also a topical form of diphenhydramine that goes directly on your skinThese creamsgels and sprays ease itching from insect bitesbee stingssunburnpoison ivypoison oakand other skin irritations.

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