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Sildenafil works by helping the smooth muscle of the penis to relaxwhich opens up penile blood vessels more fullyMore blood is able to therefore invade the penis quicklyfilling up the spongy tissue which results in an erect penis.

Sildenafil works by helping the smooth muscle of the penis to relaxwhich opens up penile blood vessels more fullyMore blood is able to therefore invade the penis quicklyfilling up the spongy tissue which results in an erect penis.

Although sildenafil has been used for more than 20 years to help men achieve an erect penisthat was not its original purposeIt is an artificial compound originally developed to treat hypertension and anginaWhile studying the drug in clinical trials for these conditionsthe scientists discovered that men who took the drug developed firm erections a half hour or so after ingesting the drugThis prompted them to change the focus of their studiesto the benefit of millions of men since.

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