This is not a complete list of side effects that can occur with tamoxifen.

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Information about Tamoxifen.

QShould I take vitamin D and Centrum multivitamin in the morning with tamoxifen 20 mg?

QI’m taking tamoxifen and have been given conflicting informationDo I need to avoid foods that contain phytoestrogens?

If you need to go into hospital for any reasonalways tell the doctors and nurses that you are taking tamoxifenExplain you are taking a hormonal therapy drug that no one should stop or restart without checking with your cancer doctor firstTell them the name of your cancer doctor and their contact details so they can ask for advice.

AThe combination of taking vitamin Da multivitamin and tamoxifen in the morning is not a problemThere are no known drug interactions with these medicationsTaking all three medications at one time may cause stomach upset.

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