Anyone considering the use of anafranil in a child or adolescent must balance the potential risks with the clinical need.

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Som mdicins can intact with Anaanil and caus a sious condition calld sotonin syndom. B su you doctknows i you alstak stimulant mdicin, opioid mdicin, hbal poducts, mdicin dpssion, mntal illnss, Pakinson’s disas, migain hadachs, sious inctions, pvntion nausa and vomiting. Ask you doctbmaking any changs in how whn you tak you mdications.

Tll you docti you hav any th ollowing halth poblms/mdical conditions:

Th commndd adult dos clomipamin angs om 25 mg t200 mg daily in dividd doss, pably with mals and at bdtim. Th dos dpnds on individual cicumstancs, but is usually statd low and incasd gadually as quid and as pscibd by th docto.

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