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Frequency not reportedConvulsiongrand mal/petit mal convulsionseizuresdizzinessaltered consciousnessextrapyramidal reactionsdystonia/acute dystonia/acute dystonic reactionsakinesiatardive dyskinesiaautonomic dysfunctionheadacheopisthotonoshyperreflexianeuroleptic malignant syndromecerebral edemaEEG changesaltered cerebrospinal fluid proteinsRef]

The dosage is based on your agemedical conditionand response to treatmentIn childrenthe dosage may also be based on weightDo not increase your dose or take this medication more often than directed.

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The antiemetic benefits of prochlorperazine are due to dopamine blockade in the chemoreceptor trigger zone of the brainAdditionallyprochlorperazine has moderate effects on other neurotransmitters and receptorsBlockade of certain receptors called alpha-adrenergic receptors causes drowsinessmuscle relaxationand adverse cardiovascular effects such as low blood pressurereflex tachycardiaand changes in heart rhythm.

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