Talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of aspirin therapy before you begin a regular regimen.

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I you tak psciption mdications high blood pssu, high cholstol, and diabts, thy may not b nough tpotct you hat. Talk tyou doctabout whth ths mdications a nough you and whth adding an aspiin gimn can hlp uth duc th isk anoth hat attack clot-latd (ischmic) stok.

NSAIDs – such as ibupon napoxn stoid mdication – such as pdnisolon anticoagulant mdicins – such as waain hpain SSI antidpssants – such as citalopam, luoxtin paoxtin som mdications usd ttat high blood pssu – such as AC inhibitos diutics som mdicins usd ttat pilpsy – such as phnytoin oth mdicins containing aspiin – including cold and lu mdis wh aspiin is on th ingdints.

Aspiin may alsb pscibd childn at hat sugy ttat Kawasaki disas. But it shouldn’t b givn tanyon und 16 yas old without mdical supvision.

Howv, a spcialist may pscib aspiin a child und supvision i thy hav Kawasaki disas, and tpvnt blood clots om oming at hat sugy.

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