The most expensive work place on earth is situated in London’s West End where occupancy costs were a staggering 121 GBP ($182.94 USD). Despite the global downturn in the economy, prices remain full of many international cities with Asia and Latin America holding some of the most expensive space. moscow russia top 10 attractions The opening of new worlds such as this will not come without problems though, and unfortunately, if you are going to visit in Russia you need to be happy to encounter at the very least a lot of them. This is not stating that travel in Russia is much more difficult because overall it’s not at all. In comparison, it’s not at all a lot more difficult to search in Russia in comparison to some other modern country, but when problems do happen, they are usually tough to overcome in Russia which is the reason why advance planning and preparation helps out tremendously. When in America, a quick mobile phone call can solve most problems, in Russia, where most American mobile devices fail to work, one can possibly quickly become paralyzed by the inability to solve problems quickly, particularly when that person isn’t very familiar with foreign travel. This is sometimes the first realization that Americans have regarding how convenient things are actually in America. Russia are a wide country, and it seems that when problems occur, they happen in a similarly big way.

Moscow planetarium

Climate: Moscow carries a humid continental climate. It has warm and humid summers and long cold winters. June, July, and August would be the warm months. Snow starts to cover this unique city on November and begins to melt in March. Whatever the weather is in Moscow you will still enjoy its wonders and sweetness.

February 22nd – FC Basel 1-0 Bayern Munich: Basel stood up firmly to the Bavarians and conquered the match with an unforeseen late strike that gave the Swiss the top of hand against Bayern. The game was quite thrilling with both clubs continuously attacking and achieving better score, specially in the very first half, however none could delivered before 86′. The Swiss Valentin Stocker killed the Bundesliga giants which has a strike that passed among the legs of Manuel Neuer straight in for the bottom in the net.

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