Seek emergency medical help if you experience an overdose reaction from prevacid.

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You should not use Prevacid if you are allergic to lansoprazoleor if you take any medicine that contains rilpivirineEdurantCompleraOdefsey

Concomitant StJohn’s wortrifampinatazanavirnelfinavirnot recommendedMay potentiate digoxintacrolimusmethotrexatesaquinavirmonitorPotentiated by voriconazoleMay alter absorption of pH-dependent drugsegketoconazole/itraconazoleiron saltserlotinibmycophenolate mofetildasatinibnilotinibConcomitant digoxindiuretics may predispose patients to hypomagnesemiaMonitor theophyllinewarfarinGive at least 30 mins before sucralfateMay give antacids concomitantlyMay interfere with neuroendocrine tumor diagnostic testsdiscontinue lansoprazole at least 14 days prior to CgA level assessmentInterrupt therapy at least 28 days before secretin stimulation testMay cause falseurine screening tests for THC.

You may be more likely to have a broken bone in your hipwristor spine while taking a proton pump inhibitor long-term or more than once per dayTalk with your doctor about ways to keep your bones healthy.

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