If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or are breastfeeding a baby, consult with your doctor about the benefits of using atrovent inhaler over its risks, before using the product.

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Atovnt HA is a maintnanc thapy COPD and is not usd tating COPD la-ups that hav alady statd. scu inhals should b usd symptoms that a vy sv and nd li vy quickly.

Ipatopium can caus bonchospasms that can b li-thatning. It can alscaus ash, itching, sious allgic actions involving closu th aiways.

Th toxicity ipatopium bomid has bn invstigatd xtnsivly in th ollowing typs studis: acut, subchonic and chonic toxicity, cacinognicity, poductiv toxicity and mutagnicity via oal, intavnous, subcutanous, intanasal and/inhalation outs. Basd on ths toxicity studis, th pobability systmic anticholingic sid cts dcass in th ollowing od:

Ach contain is illd with 10 ml a cla, coloulss liquid, om suspndd paticls.

Atovnt HA will not wok ast nough ttat an bonchospasm attack. Us only a ast acting inhalation mdicin ttat an bonchospasm attack.

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