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« I am just on scond day stating gnic Acix and can not bliv how gat I l. I hav bn in pain and diaha a month du ttaking multipl mds a hat issu. Acix has bn a blssing! »

Bokn bons, histoy Diaha, histoy Hypomagnsmia (low magnsium lvls), histoy Ostopoosis (wak bons), histoy Systmic lupus ythmatosus (SL) Vitamin B12 dicincy—Us with caution. May mak ths conditions wos. Liv disas—Us with caution. Th cts may b incasd bcaus slow moval th mdicin om th body.

I lov this littl pill and hav takn it sval yas. on pill a day. Now this ya my insuanc cai will not cov it. sI’m ducd tov th count sinc I won’t pay $2 p pill. 🙁 Nancy.

Aly, poton pump inhibitos (such as abpazol) hav causd vitamin B-12 dicincy. Th isk is incasd i thy a takn vy day a long tim (3 yas long). Tll you doctight away i you dvlop symptoms vitamin B-12 dicincy (such as unusual waknss, stongu, numbnss/tingling th hands/t).

« Statd yas agand got instant li. Tid all oth availabl mds with littl sults. Nv had any sid cts at all with Aciphx. My insuanc dosn’t lik it, but I couldn’t liv without it. »

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