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In th initial dcision lasd ystday, Judg Montgomy K. Hyun ound that Amican Hom Poducts Cop. had mad als, mislading and unsubstantiatd claims Anacin and Athitis Pain omula.

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Anacin was invntd by William Milton Knight and was ist stimatd tb usd in th ya 1916 as statd its th patnt. Anacin was on th oldst bands pain livs in th Unitd Stats, ist bginning sals in th 1930s. Th oiginal Anacin containd actphntidin, an actanalid divativ mcommonly d tas phnactin. Actaminophn is alsan actanalid divativ, but dos not hav th sid ct poil that Phnactin did. Anacin was alsputd tcontain actyl salicylic acid (ASA, aspiin), but mdis this tim piod w not quid tlist aspiin as an incdint. Phnactin was widly usd until th thid quat th twntith cntuy, otn in th om an « A.P.C. » aspiin-phnactin-cain compound analgsic, as a mdy v and pain. Howv th U.S. ood and Dug Administation odd th withdawal dugs containing phnactin in Novmb 1983, owing tits cacinognic and kidny-damaging poptis (dal gist Octob 5, 1983 (48 45466)).

This poduct contains an NSAID, which may caus sv stomach blding. Th chanc is high i you.

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