Lenalidomide may increase the serum concentration of digoxin.

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« A heart drug taken by 250,000 Britons can actually hasten deaththe Mail Online warns todayAn analysis of previous research on digoxinused to treat heart failure and heart rhythm abnormalitiessuggests that it can raise the risk of premature death.

Digoxin is used for treating adults with mild to moderate congestive heart failure and for treating an atrial fibrillationan abnormal heart rhythmIt also is used for increasing myocardial contractility in pediatric patients with heart failure.

If you are taking digoxin and you have any concernsor any new or worsening symptomsdo not stop taking your medicationbut contact your health professional as soon as possible.

PO1st loading dose15-20 mcg/kg2nd and 3rd loading doses8.75-10 mcg/kg q6-8hr for 2 dosesmaintenance7.5-10 mcg/kg/day divided q12hr IV/IM1st loading dose12.5-17.5 mcg/kg2nd and 3rd loading doses6.25-8.75 mcg/kg q6-8hr for 2 dosesmaintenance6-9 mcg/kg/day divided q12hr.

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