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Metabolic/Nutritionalelevated CPKcreatine phosphokinasegeneralized edemaelevated triglyceridesliver function tests abnormal.

The reconstituted solution may be stored for up to 6 hours at room temperature prior to further dilutionThe admixed solution may be stored at room temperature and must be used within 24 hours from the time of initial reconstitutionBoth the reconstituted solution and the admixed solution do not need to be protected from light.

In neonatal/juvenile animalsrats and dogstoxicities were similar to those observed in adult animalsincluding gastric alterationsdecreases in red cell massincreases in lipidsenzyme induction and hepatocellular hypertrophyAn increased incidence of eosinophilic chief cells in adult and neonatal/juvenile ratsand atrophy of chief cells in adult rats and in neonatal/juvenile dogswas observed in the fundic mucosa of stomachs in repeated-dose studiesFull to partial recovery of these effects were noted in animals of both age groups following a recovery period.

Nasopharyngitis and pharyngolaryngeal pain occurred in pediatric patients between the ages of 2 to 16 yearsRef]

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