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In sv actions, whth causd by an xcssiv tst dos by th patint’s unsupvisd ingstion alcohol, suppotiv masus tstblood pssu and tat shock should b institutd. Oth commndations includ: oxygn, cabogn (95% oxygn and 5% cabon dioxid), vitamin C intavnously in massiv doss (1 g) and phdin sulat. Antihistamins hav alsbn usd intavnously. Potassium lvls should b monitod, paticulaly in patints on digitalis, sinc hypokalmia has bn potd.

Signs an allgic action, lik ash; hivs; itching; d, swolln, blistd, pling skin with without v; whzing; tightnss in th chst thoat; toubl bathing, swallowing, talking; unusual hoasnss; swlling th mouth, ac, lips, tongu, thoat. Chang in ysight. A buning, numbnss, tingling ling that is not nomal. Mood changs. Chang in how you act. Vy bad and somtims dadly liv poblms hav happnd with Antabus (disuliam). Call you doctight away i you hav signs liv poblms lik dak uin, ling tid, not hungy, upst stomach stomach pain, light-colod stools, thowing up, yllow skin ys.

Tak Antabus xactly as dictd by you docto. ollow all dictions on you psciption labl. You doctmay occasionally chang you dos tmak su you gt th bst sults. Dnot tak this mdicin in lag small amounts long than commndd.

Th patint must b ully inomd th disuliam-alcohol action. H must b stongly cautiond against suptitious dinking whil taking th dug, and h must b ully awa th possibl consquncs. H should b wand tavoid alcohol in disguisd oms, i.., in saucs, vingas, cough mixtus, and vn in atshav lotions and back ubs. H should alsb wand that actions may occu with alcohol up t14 days at ingsting disuliam.

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