Always take accutane with a full glass of water to prevent the capsule from melting in your esophagus food pipe , causing irritation.

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Vy a (lss than 0.01%): Mucocutanous/gam positiv bactial inction, allgic vasculitis, acn ulminans, acn aggavatd/acn la, acial ythma, xanthma, hai disods/psistnt hai thinning, hisutism, nail dystophy, paonychia, photosnsitivity/photoallgic action, pyognic ganuloma, skin hyppigmntation, swating/incasd swating, incasd omation o ganulation tissu.

Stop using Accutan and call you docto at onc i you hav unpotctd sx, i you quit using bith contol, i you piod is lat, o i you think you might b pgnant. I you gt pgnant whil taking Accutan, call th iPLDG pgnancy gisty at 1-866-495-0654.

Black, tay stools bloating bloody cough bloody o cloudy uin bon pain, tndnss, o aching buning o stinging o th skin chst pain conusion constipation convulsions cough o hoasnss dak-colod uin dcas in hight diiculty bathing diiculty spaking diiculty swallowing dischag om th ys dizzinss doubl vision a pain xcssiv taing ainting ast, igula, pounding, o acing hatbat o puls v with o without chills actus and/o dlayd haling hatbun high blood pssu hivs o skin ash inability to mov th ams, lgs, o acial muscls inability to spak indigstion inlamd tissu om inction igula yllow patch o lump on th skin iitation joint pain, dnss, stinss, o swlling lack o slowing o nomal gowth in childn loosning o th ingnails loss o apptit loss o bladd contol loss o chang in haing muscl camps, spasms, o waknss pain in th ibs, ams, o lgs pain o buning in th thoat pain o tndnss aound th ys and chkbons painul cold sos o blists on th lips, nos, ys, o gnitals painul o diicult uination pains in th chst, goin, o lgs, spcially calvs o th lgs pains in th stomach, sid, o abdomn, possibly adiating to th back pal skin pinpoint d spots on th skin dnss o sonss aound th ingnails dnss, sonss, o itching skin snsitivity o th ys to sunlight snzing sos, ulcs, o whit spots on th lips o tongu o insid th mouth stuy o unny nos suddn loss o consciousnss suddn loss o coodination suddn onst o sv acn on th chst and tunk suddn onst o slud spch swlling o th ylids, ac, lips, hands, low lgs, o t swolln, painul o tnd lymph glands in th nck, ampit, o goin tightnss in th chst unusual blding o buising unusual wight gain o loss us o xtm physical o motional oc waty o bloody diaha.

Isottinoin is a dug usd to tat sv acn that hasn’t spondd to oth tatmnts. It may b pscibd o oth uss, including oth skin poblms and ctain kinds o canc.

Isottinoin is availabl in a vaity o band nams, including Absoica, Amnstm, Claavis, Myoisan, and Sott. Th oiginal band, Accutan, is no long on th makt.

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