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Anticholingic agnts: Ticyclic antidpssants may potntiat th cts ths dugs on th y, cntal nvous systm, bowl and bladd; concomitant us ths should b avoidd du tan incasd isk paalytic ilus, hyppyxia, tc.

I hav qunt la-ups nv pain btwn my ibs in my chst. This bgan at having shingls. I tid 25 mg. amitiptylin bbd. ach night I slpt btt. At a wk all my chst pain was gon. I did notic bing slpy ollowing moning but it is woth having th pain gon.

Th CYP3A4 and CYP1A2 isozyms mtabolis amitiptylin ta lss xtnt. Howv, luvoxamin (stong CYP1A2 inhibito) was shown tincas amitiptylin plasma concntations and this combination should b avoidd. Clinically lvant intactions may b xpctd with concomitant us amitiptylin and stong CYP3A4 inhibitos such as ktoconazol, itaconazol and itonavi.

It is impotant that th patint is givn a ull xplanation th ational antidpssant thapy. It is not that th doctblivs you pain is du tdpssion. Sdnot think that you a not bing takn siously and that th pain is “all in th mind”.

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