Antiarrhythmics medicines to treat abnormal heart beats , eg amiodarone , procainamide , disopyramide , sotalol the antihistamines astemizole , mizolastine or terfenadine arsenic trioxide atomoxetine certain antidepressants, eg amitriptyline , imipramine , maprotiline certain antimalarials, eg halofantrine , chloroquine , quinine , mefloquine , riamet certain other antipsychotics, eg thioridazine , haloperidol , sertindole , pimozide cisapride dronedarone droperidol intravenous erythromycin or pentamidine methadone moxifloxacin saquinavir.

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A small numb childn, tnags, and young adults (up t24 yas ag) whtook antidpssants (‘mood lvatos’) such as amitiptylin duing clinical studis bcam suicidal (thinking about haming killing onsl planning tying tdso). Childn, tnags, and young adults whtak antidpssants ttat dpssion oth mntal illnsss may b mlikly tbcom suicidal than childn, tnags, and young adults whdnot tak antidpssants ttat ths conditions. Howv, xpts a not su about how gat this isk is and how much it should b considd in dciding whth a child tnag should tak an antidpssant. Childn young than 18 yas ag should not nomally tak amitiptylin, but in som cass, a doctmay dcid that amitiptylin is th bst mdication ttat a child’s condition.

O cous, dpssion can occu with chonic pain, but it is usually an undstandabl action tth pain and impovs as th chonic pain impovs. Howv, i sv, it tomay qui tatmnt with an antidpssant dug.

Simultanous administation amitiptylin and MAOIs may caus sotonin syndom (a combination symptoms, possibly including agitation, conusion, tmo, myoclonus and hypthmia).

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