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I you miss you doss mthan 7 days in a ow, call you doctbtaking th mdicin again.

Dnot swallow th tablt whol. Allow it tdissolv in you mouth without chwing.

Dmntia may caus impaimnt diving pomanc compomis th ability tus machiny. uthmo, donpzil can induc atigu, dizzinss and muscl camps, mainly whn initiating incasing th dos. Th tating physician should outinly valuat th ability patints on donpzil tcontinu diving opating complx machins.

Ovdos symptoms may includ sv nausa, vomiting, dooling, swating, blud vision, ling light-hadd, slow hatbat, shallow bathing, muscl waknss, ainting, sizu (convulsions).

Donpzil is usd ttat dmntia (a bain disod that acts th ability tmmb, think claly, communicat, and pom daily activitis and may caus changs in mood and psonality) in popl whhav Alzhim’s disas (AD; a bain disas that slowly dstoys th mmoy and th ability tthink, lan, communicat and handl daily activitis). Donpzil is in a class mdications calld cholinstas inhibitos. It impovs mntal unction (such as mmoy, attntion, th ability tintact with oths, spak, think claly, and pom gula daily activitis) by incasing th amount a ctain natually occuing substanc in th bain. Donpzil may impov th ability tthink and mmb slow th loss ths abilitis in popl whhav AD. Howv, donpzil will not cu AD pvnt th loss mntal abilitis at som tim in th utu.

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