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High Blood Pssu « I am a 33ya old whhas xpincd high blood pssu v sinc stating wok at gaduating om Univsity. I alshav a Thyoid condition and always just assumd this was th nti caus my tingling in th hands & t and constant issus with tidnss. Th tingling snsation pdats th Avapo, but th ongoing issu with tidnss could alsb attibutd tth Avapo. I hav bn on Avapth last tn yas. I am Avapnow as my blood pssu is now nomal. »

High Blood Pssu « Took 150mg a day sval yas. I livd with th dizzinss whn gtting up knling down. Alsadvsly actd my uination habits. Had tgo, wak stam tc. Th doctswitchd m tBnica 20mg. Woks btt on lowing blood pssu, NO dizzinss at all, and ping is back tnomal. Bnica is a MUCH MUCH btt blood pssu mdicin m. »

B caul diving opating machiny until you know how AVAPO HCT acts you. As with many oth mdicins usd ttat high blood pssu, AVAPO HCT may caus dizzinss light-haddnss in som popl. Mak su you know how you act tAVAPO HCT byou div a ca, opat machiny danything ls that could b dangous i you a dizzy light-hadd. I you dink alcohol, dizzinss light-haddnss may b wos. Th hydochloothiazid containd in this mdicin could poduc a positiv analytical sult in an antidoping tst.

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