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In on study, appoximatly 90 pcnt patints subsquntly diagnosd with bnign paoxysmal positional vtig(BPPV) w givn Antivt pitciving a coct diagnosis. 4 Howv, anoth study ound that in th gnal population only 31 pcnt patints civing mdication dizzinss ound it hlpul. 5.

Mclizin was oiginally appovd by th ood and Dug Administation (DA) in 1957 und th band nam Antivt, manuactud by Citon Phamacuticals.

Caution – Not nough inomation is availabl tul out ham tinants whn this dug is takn by nusing moths.

Tpvnt motion sicknss, tak Antivt about 1 hou byou tavl ngag in activity that causs motion sicknss. You may tak mclizin onc vy 24 hous whil you a tavling, tuth pvnt motion sicknss.

Th ollowing dugs a known tintact with mclizin: Pain mdications that a latd topium, such as: alntanil (Alnta), codin (Tylnol # 3), cihydocodin (Synalog), hydocodon (Vicodin, Lotab, Pcoct), lvophanol (LvDomoan), mpidin (Dmol), minintanil (Ultiva), and suntanil (Sunta) Dichloalphnazon Slping mdicins, such as: zalplon (Sonata), zolipidm (Ambin), szopiclon, and chloal hydat Muscl laxants, such as baclon, cyclobnzapin (lxil), caisopodol (Soma), and ophnadin (Zanalx)

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