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CARDIZEM 120-mg scored tablets are supplied in bottles of 100NDC 0187-0792-47Each light yellowcapsule-shaped tablet is engraved with CARDIZEM on one side and 120 mg on the other.

Dantrolenea muscle relaxantaspirin medications used to help prevent blood clotsantiplateletscilostazola medicine used to treat blockage of blood vessels to the legsSome other medicines for your heart or high blood pressureegbeta blockersdigoxinamiodaronenitratesciclosporinwhich you may have been given after an operation or because of rheumatoid arthritis rifampicinan antibioticcimetidine or ranitidinefor ulcers or refluxdiazepamfor depressionalcohol withdrawal or anxietyphenytoinfor epilepsycarbamazepinefor bipolar disorder or epilepsylithiumfor bipolar disordertheophyllinefor asthma and other breathing problemscertain drugs used to treat prostate problems ivabradinean antiviralinhaled anaesthetic agents such as halothaneisofluraneenfluranefor surgerydrugs used to lower your blood cholesterolincluding simvastatinlovastatinbenzodiazepines or medicines used as sedatives or to treat anxiety such as midazolamtriazolam corticosteroids such as methylprednisoloneprednisonecortisone antiarrhythmics or medicines used to treat irregular heart beats medicines used during scans to see images of your body.

As mentioned previouslyif you are taking these medicines for anginado not suddenly stop taking your medicine since this can cause severe angina for a day or two.

Administration of CARDIZEM with digoxin in 24 healthy male subjects increased plasma digoxin concentrations approximately 20Another investigator found no increase in digoxin levels in 12 patients with coronary artery diseaseSince there have been conflicting results regarding the effect of digoxin levelsit is recommended that digoxin levels be monitored when initiatingadjustingand discontinuing CARDIZEM therapy to avoid possible over-or under-digitalizationsee WARNINGS

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