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In POactiv (th Pospctiv Pioglitazon Clinical Tial in Macovascula vnts), 5238 patints with typ 2 diabts and a histoy macovascula disas w andomizd tACTOS (N=2605), oc-titatd up t45 mg daily placb(N=2633) in addition tstandad ca. Duing a man ollow-up 34.5 months, th incidnc bon actu in mals was 5.1% (44/870) ACTOS vsus 2.5% (23/905) placbo. This dinc was notd at th ist ya tatmnt and psistd duing th cous th study. Th majoity actus obsvd in mal patints w nonvtbal actus including low limb and distal upp limb. Nincas in th incidnc actu was obsvd in mn tatd with ACTOS (1.7%) vsus placb(2.1%). Th isk actu should b considd in th ca patints, spcially mal patints, tatd with ACTOS and attntion should b givn tassssing and maintaining bon halth accoding tcunt standads ca.

Clinical tials and oth studis show that Actos cais a dinitiv link tuss dvloping congstiv hat ailu.

Actos (pioglitazon) is an oal Typ 2 diabts dug that lows blood suga by dcasing insulin sistanc and ducing th amount glucos mad in th liv. This allows th body tbtt dispos xcss blood suga.

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