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Datafrom two case-control epidemiological studieswere pooled to examine the relationship between endometriosisendometriosis treatments and ovarian cancerThese preliminary results suggest that the use of danazol might increase the baseline risk of ovarian cancer inpatients treated for endometriosis.

For pre-operative thinning of the endometriumthe usual dose is 400-800 mg daily given as a continuous course normally lasting 3-6 weeks.

Preliminary epidemiological evidence suggests that the use of danazol might increase the baseline risk of ovarian cancer in patients being treated for endometriosis.

Experience with long-term therapy with Danazol is limitedPeliosis hepatis and benign hepatic adenoma have been observed with long-term usePeliosis hepatis and hepatic adenoma may be silent until complicated by acutepotentially life-threatening intra-abdominal hemorrhageThe physician therefore should be alert to this possibilityAttempts should be made to determine the lowest dose that will provide adequate protectionIf the drug was begun at a time of exacerbation of hereditary angioneurotic edema due to traumastress or other causeperiodic attempts to decrease or withdraw therapy should be considered.

Until more is knowncaution is advised in the use of danazol in the presence of known or suspected malignant diseasesee also contraindicationsBefore treatment initiationthe presence of hormone-dependent carcinoma should be excluded at least by careful clinical examinationas well as if breast nodules persist or enlarge during danazol treatmentIn the event of virilisationDanazol should be withdrawnWhilst androgenic reactions will generally prove reversiblecontinued use of danazol in the face of evident virilisation is likely to cause irreversible androgenic effects.

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