Gsk s niquitin nicotine replacement therapy nrt business, primarily in the european economic area eea and brazil, and novartis s legacy australian nrt business, including the nicotinell brand, several assorted otc brands including coldrex cold and flu treatment across the eea, and panodil pain relief , nezeril nasal decongestant , and nasin nasal decongestant in sweden, and novartis s legacy cold sore management products primarily in the eea, marketed under the brand names vectavir, pencivir, fenivir, fenlips and vectatone.

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Ifwhile using the 2 mg gumyour withdrawal symptoms remain so strong as to threaten relapsethen you should use the 4 mg gum.

If you smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day start withstep 1 Nicotinell TTS30large21mg/24 hoursfor 3-4 weeks thenstep 2 Nicotinell TTS20medium14mg/24 hoursfor 3-4 weeks thenstep 3 Nicotinell TTS10small7mg/24 hoursfor 3-4 weeksIf you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day start withstep 2 Nicotinell TTS20medium14mg/24 hoursfor 3-4 weeks thenstep 3 Nicotinell TTS10small7mg/24 hoursfor 3-4 weeks thenstep 3 Nicotinell TTS10smallmay be used for up to a further 3-4 weeks if necessaryIf you have any questions about this ask your pharmacistDo not start with step 3the small size patchesDo not use Nicotinell patches for more than 3 months in totalIt is important to keep the patch on day and night especially if you need help to overcome the early morning craving for a cigarette.

The Nicotinell patches are used to help you stop smoking as part of an overall treatment programmeWhen you apply the patch to your skinnicotine passes through your skin and into your bodyThe Nicotinell patch programme involves up to 3 stepseach with a different patch sizeAs your body adjusts to not smokingyou should gradually reduce the dose of Nicotinell over a period of up to a maximum of 12 weeks until you no longer need to use the patches.

When using Nicotinell Step 1 patchchew one piece of Nicotinell chewing gum 2 mg if you get a cravingUse at least 4 pieces of gum and not more than 12 pieces in a dayContinue for 12 weeks.

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