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Clinical xpinc is limitd paticulaly in patints with modat hpatic dysunction and caution is advisd. Th is nclinical xpinc in patints with sv hpatic dysunction (Child-Pugh sc?10); tho, its us is conta-indicatd in ths patints (s sctions 4.3, 4.4 and 5.2).

Wh appovd, Acoxia is administd as a tablt onc a day on an as-ndd basis. Dosing inomation allows 60 mg t90 mg p day managing symptoms AS, but patints should us th lowst dos ndd tcontol symptoms.

Acoxia has not bn adquatly studid in childn. Tho, Acoxia should not b givn tchildn.

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