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This medication is used to treat infertility in womenIt works by stimulating an increase in the amount of hormones that support the growth and release of a mature eggovulationThis medication is not recommended for women whose ovaries no longer make eggs properlyprimary pituitary or ovarian failure

3Endometriosis and Endometrial CarcinomaThe incidence of endometriosis and endometrial carcinoma increases with age as does the incidence of ovulatory disordersEndometrial biopsy should always be performed prior to clomiPHENE citrate therapy in this population.

Visual disordersAbnormal accommodationcataracteye painmacular edemaoptic neuritisphotopsiaposterior vitreous detachmentretinal hemorrhageretinal thrombosisretinal vascular spasmtemporary or prolonged loss of visionpossibly irreversible.

Visual-blurring Visual spots or flashes Nausea and vomiting Abnormal uterine bleeding Abdominal or pelvic pain Weight gain Breast discomfort.

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